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I called Myron early September to get a quote to replace all the windows in our house and our front door. He gave me the quote on the spot which was great when I then met other prospective installers. He was also thorough, asking lots of questions and giving advice, and being patient when I interviewd a total of 5 companies and then went back to him!

The installation was 3 days ago, and went well.
The only thing is that I would have liked for Myron to help me prepare better. He told me there would be a little dust, but it was actually quite a dusty mess in the house and I had not covered the couch or moved the baby toys. Had Myron explained to me better what to expect (and I had asked), we would have saved time on the post installation clean up.

But all in all, we have a now thoroughly cleaned house, with clean, tight windows and a beautiful new front door. We could feel the difference immediately in terms of comfort and draft, and my kids commented on how quieter it was at night (we live on Dundas and their bedroom is on the street).