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We had 2 bay windows and patio sliding door installed in August 2015. A month later we had a heavy rainfall and we discovered that the bay window is leaking. I contacted Myron right away and he almost refused to believe the the windows could leak. He asked me if I had left a window open or is the roof was leaking. Next day he had his installer come to have a look and what we thought would repair the problem. We discovered that their “fix” was to put more caulking. I expressed my concern with Myron and he told me that if I didn’t let his installer put more sealing to don’t ever call him again and if they did put more seal and it continued to leak that it was not his problem. He told me to get a contractor in here to figure out where the leak is coming from and only then they would come back. I did get a contractor and a window installer to have a look to only find out what we thought was in fact true. Terrible windows and terrible installation. Don’t believe any 10 star reviews from this company. Horrible product and very disrespectful customer service. I only want my windows fixed and to never deal with them again. Hopefully this never happens to anyone else in the future. They got their money so they are happy