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One of the major things we’ve noticed over our years manufacturing and installing front entry custom entrance Front Entry Doors Oshawa Ontario ON is that many homeowners don’t realize how important their choice of door really is. Fortunately for these homeowners, they managed to find their way to our showroom and we were able to help them see that the factors included in this choice go far beyond mere appearances.

The exterior doors and windows of your home can arguably have a greater effect on your home’s energy efficiency than any other factor. This is why the experts at Front Entry Doors Centre have spent decades perfecting every aspect of our front entry fiberglass doors in Oshawa Ontario and the manufacturing processes we use to create them. All of our doors are designed not only to hold their great looks for years with minimal maintenance, but also to provide unrivaled performance no matter how cold or hot it may get outside.

The ability of your home, or a specific part of your home such as your door, to keep heat from being transmitted between the interior and exterior is referred to as its ‘thermal efficiency’. As you may be able to guess, a higher level of thermal efficiency means slower heat transfer and therefore less of your money being wasted on climate control. All of ourfront entry custom entrance fiberglass exterior door in Oshawa Ontario contain a polyurethane core which provides many times the thermal efficiency of steel or wood doors and actually save you enough money to completely offset the cost of the door in a surprisingly short period of time. If saving money and improving your home’s appearance sounds like something that might interest you, contact Front Entry Doors Centre today.

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