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Front Entry Doors supplies and expertly installs high quality, energy efficient windows for remodeling and new custom home construction. We carry windows that offer many styles, shapes, colours and materials. We also offer several different glazing and grill options as well to ensure your new windows match and enhance the style and architectural appeal of your home windos, Rooftop windows, Home Windows in Toronto.

Our windows are Energy Star™ Rated, which guarantee the highest standards in energy efficiency, which will not only help keep you comfortable in your home whatever the weather is like outside, but will also help reduce your energy costs and help the environment Home Windows in Toronto.

Beauty, Security, Comfort & Energy Savings!



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Picture Windows:

Picture Windows have no moving parts; they simply provide a large viewing area and are available in several profiles, styles & shapes as well as colors and options.

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Casement Windows:

Casement Windows, which open outward 90 degrees with the turn of a crank, are tall and narrow and are often used in combination with picture windows. Their elegant styling makes them a favorite on more modern homes.

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Horizontal Sliders:

Sliders move back and forth horizontally. Some feature tilt mechanism that allows the panes to be swung into the room for easy cleaning. Imagine no more ladders!

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Single/Double Hung:

Single Hung and Double Hung windows slide up and down and also feature the tilt mechanism. On single hung units. only the bottom sash moves, but double hung windows can be opened on the top half sash well. This allows fresh air to flow in while increasing safety and security.

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Awning Windows:

Awnings swing outward at the bottom, letting air in but keeping the weather out.

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Front Entry Doors Centre Inc. can supply and install several different shapes of windows. Large window openings can be filled with a combination of styles; for example, a picture window in the centre flanked by two casements. Greenhouse and bay windows are also beautiful features for your home. A timeless addition to windows are mullions, Rooftop windows. also called decorative grills. They make a classic statement on traditional homes.


Choose from a variety of standard colours or custom match any colour to suit your requirements. Please contact us to see actual samples.

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