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There are many reasons to choose Front Entry Doors Centre’s Front Entry Custom Entrance Fiberglass Exterior Doors  in Vaughan over our competitors’ wood and steel options. We have spent the last twenty years perfecting every aspect of our materials and our manufacturing processes in order to make sure our doors will outperform the competition in every possible comparison. Whether appearance, energy efficiency, cost or longevity is your top concern we either already stock or can build a door which will perfectly suit your needs.

With a wide variety of colors and finishes we are able to match the beauty of an expensive hardwood door at a much lower price while also providing you with the longevity and low maintenance requirements that can only be provided by a high quality front entry fiberglass door in Vaughan. This is possible thanks to our choice of materials which extend from a polyurethane core which provides several times the thermal efficiency of other options through our strong and resilient PVC stiles and rails and finally out to the exterior fiberglass shell which provides longevity and beauty while using a resin that is completely free of CFCs. All of these factors combine to provide a door which not only saves the environment throughout its lifetime but also saves you money by significantly reducing the percentage of your climate control energy that is currently leaking through your door.

If you’re ready to get started on a path to greater energy efficiency without breaking your budget, now is the time to get in touch with Front Entry Doors Centre. We’re always willing to share our knowledge with potential customers in order to help them make the best choice for their home and family.

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