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The ‘green movement’ continues to grow and with more products entering the market each day, it’s getting harder and harder to jump on board without feeling completely confused about where to start in your attempt to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Well, we might be slightly biased but at Front Entry Doors Centre we think the best place you can possibly start is with us. We manufacture and install a full range of Front Entry Doors York Toronto ON and will be more than happy to tell you about the benefits they provide Front Entry Doors York Toronto ON.

Front Entry Custom Entrance Fiberglass Exterior Doors in York

Our doors are constructed from a highly energy efficient polyurethane core which provides the first layer of the nearly impenetrable thermal barrier created by our Front Entry Doors Toronto in York Toronto. The insulation value of this central core exceeds the values of even the best wood and steel doors by as much as 6 times meaning it saves you a lot of money every month by reducing wasted heating and air conditioning energy that is currently escaping through your door. The next two layers are two distinct materials which complement one another to keep the door’s shape and durability for decades. First are the internal PVC stiles and rails which give the door its structure and keep it from warping or swelling when the weather changes as wood doors have a tendency to do. Finally, the most obvious layer is the thoroughly researched and tested fiberglass resins which make up the myriad of long lasting and beautiful finishes we offer with our Front Entry Doors York Toronto ON. If you’re ready to take that first leap into green living or just want some more information about the products we offer, please don’t hesitate to call or use our online contact form. We are always more than willing to share our extensive knowledge and experience with potential customers.

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